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TIB No. 18: Hot Weather, Heat Stress, and School Safety


Soon, it's going to be really, really hot outside. Do you know what precautions to take? 

Warmer weather can put students and staff at risk of dehydration and assorted heat-related illnesses.  This is an important consideration not just for individuals who participate in outdoor activities (practice, work, or play), but also for staff engaged in particularly vigorous indoor work, or staff who perform tasks in unusually warm indoor settings (in a kitchen, for example, or in a storage facility that lacks climate control).

That’s why the Trust is re-releasing Technical Information Bulletin (TIB) No. 18, entitled:

“Hot Weather, Heat Stress, and School Safety.”

This TIB includes information on:

  • symptoms of, and treatments for, dehydration, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke;
  • measures that school personnel and students can take to help prevent heat-related illnesses;
  • the heat index: a simple tool for assessing the danger of heat illness for various combinations of heat and humidity; and
  • legal issues associated with student participation in school-sponsored activities during periods of high heat and/or humidity.

The TIB is available on the Trust website here.


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