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Concussion Awareness Video


In response to increasing concern among school personnel, policymakers, and the general public, the Trust has developed a video addressing the topic of student concussions. This video aims to educate and inform districts on their responsibilities under Arizona’s concussion laws. The topics addressed in the video include: 

  •    specifics of Arizona’s “concussion law,” at Arizona Revised Statutes § 15-341(A)24(b);
  •    activities subject to statute; and
  •    responsibilities of staff.

By viewing the video, you and your staff will be better prepared to respond to events appropriately and maintain student health and safety. We encourage you, therefore, to alert staff to the location of the video, and/or to present it during a staff meeting.

To watch the video, be sure you are logged in to the Trust website. Once logged in, go to the Streaming Videos section on the Resources & Training tab.